Our Story at Premier Custom Light & Décor

How we got here

The Beginning

Founded in 1983 by a visionary Korean family based in Vancouver, Premier Custom Light & Décor has undergone a remarkable journey of transformation and innovation. Over the course of nearly four decades, our company has evolved from its origins as Premier CMT, a supplier of lighting solutions for residential and commercial projects, into a dynamic force in the custom lighting industry.

Re-Branding to “Premier Custom Light & Décor”

In a pivotal moment in our history, Tony Holland assumed leadership, bringing with him a wealth of experience from the electrical and film industries. This pivotal transition marked the birth of Premier Custom Light & Décor as we know it today. Tony’s unwavering passion for design and his deep technical expertise have been the driving force behind our ability to consistently push the boundaries of innovation. Under his guidance, we have introduced hi-quality LED products that have met new industry needs.

At Premier Custom Light & Décor, we are recognized for our expertise in designing and crafting bespoke lighting and décor solutions for some of the most prestigious projects not only in North America but also beyond our borders. Our client portfolio spans diverse sectors, including luxury hotels, acclaimed restaurants, thriving casinos, bustling airports, idyllic resorts, iconic stadiums, captivating theaters, and contemporary office spaces.

The New Chapter at “Premier Custom Light & Décor”


In March 2023, a new chapter in our journey unfolded as we transitioned leadership to a dedicated team of lighting professionals with longstanding ties to Premier Custom Light & Décor. This transition has enabled us to build upon Tony’s remarkable legacy while infusing fresh perspectives into our company’s DNA.


Under the stewardship of our new leadership team, we have embarked on a strategic restructuring of our policies and product offerings. We are excited to introduce a diverse range of cutting-edge indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures designed to cater to evolving tastes and meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. These changes are a testament to our unwavering commitment to facilitating a seamless experience for designers, developers, and lighting specifiers when selecting the perfect lighting fixtures for their projects.



Premier Headquarters

At Premier Custom Light & Décor, our pledge to our valued customers is clear:

“Share your vision for exceptional lighting, and we will transform it into reality with an unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards.” We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to illuminate the world with innovative and bespoke lighting solutions.

Out Story at Premier Light & Decor, Guys Celebrating the New Chapter

Celebrating the New Chapter